Sunday, September 14, 2014

Indigo Cafe Review (+hello!)

Hello and welcome to Travelling Tofu! If you would like to be a bit nosy and know a bit more about us and this blog, check out our about me page but basically Esh and Penny are daughter and mum, and we'll be travelling around finding the best vegan and dairy free options in each little nook and cranny!

I s'pose we'll take the writings in each blog post in turns, unless one of us goes somewhere seperatley. ANYWAY, I'll start.
Bonjour, my name is Esh. Let's roll.

This place is called 'Indigo' and is located in a small cubby hole off the market square in Cambridge. What's really nice is that when you sit in there, you can't hear any of the yip yapping of children or snazzy talk from the men and women at the universities - you can just hear the owl like chirp from a group of pigeons which was nice.
The cafe is supeeeerrr cute! Little signs and lovely staff make a cafe, like, x10000 times cuter. I ordered the "dirty chai" (a mix of chai and coffee) and an onion and chive bagel with humous and tomato salad. 
As you can see on the board, you're allowed to pick and mix your fillings. 
The man was absolutely fine when i asked if the dirty chai was vegan, he said he'd take the honey out for me (but, close your eyes vegans, I do infact eat honey... I know it's bad that I do but i do I'm sorry!) and they did of course have soya milk!
Humous-y things were the only vegan choice on the menu as I could see, but for a quick or chilled, very affordable lunch I was chuffed.

The bagels I'm pretty sure were New York Bagels, but they'd heated them up and it was genuinly really tasty! Dirty chai isn't for me, but that's only because I love chai and coffee soooo much seperatly, it feels wrong mixing them. Also, um, I'm sorry Mr Cambridge but you hardly have any vegan friendly places!? I mean, I am done with going to Pret and ordering the same two things every time we come here, I want some unique quirky little place!

Overall, for a healthy(ish), tasty and homely lunch to get away from the craziness, I would reccommend Indigo cafe.

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