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About Esh:

Heeey there errbody! I'm a bit of a chatter (hears people scoffing and going "HA, A BIT? YOU COULD TALK YOUR WAY TO TIMBUCK TWO AND BACK!) so let's keep this short and concise because if you are going to be a loooovely follower of mine and mum's blog (you know you want to read it...), you're gonna have to hear me rabbit on about rabbit foods anyway so LET'S GET A JIGGLE ON.
Real name Erin, preffered name Esh. 
I'm 15, an aspiring actress and love exercising, dancing, coffee, smoothies and vegan shtuff. (Mini recipe for you all, smush a vegan marshmallow with a piece of dark chocolate. Not sure why I put that in here but go oooon, give it a go.)

I've been a veggie pretty much all of my life, although I ate fish fingers until the age of 2 because I thought it was okay to eat "ugly fish" (I KNOW I'M A BAD PERSON OKAY), and I was vegan when I was about 13 until I struggled with weight and got all a bit spidery and anemic. Now, I'm vegan once again because of all those little animals, and I'm as happy and healthy as can be!

Well then. That was rather long wasn't it... HO HUM PIG'S LOVELY BUM.

That's me!

About Penny:

Lalalallaalla, mummy you need to write here, lalalalaaaaa!

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