Beanie Bakes

Hello! Esh here :)

I absolutely LOVE baking. The only reason I don't do it everyday is a) I'd be extremely large, b) we'd be poor, and c) unfortunatley I am in the funnest of all years, GCSE year, so I have to focus on Macbeth more than Mac'n'No-Cheese. Sad face.
Anywho, anything from gingerbread men to cinnamon buns, raw brownies to rocky road smores and 'nutella' tofu cake to nutty geeza energy bites - I will bake, trying to make them healthier, and obviously, VEGAN! :)

So here are a few bakes of my own, please remember if you try them out, send me a picture on instagram or twitter with the hashtag, #ibakedabeanie

Esh xo

Fancy a vegan or dairy free cake especially made for a special occasion, or just a cosy night in?

WELL THEN MY DEAR CHUMS, I am now going to be making cakes for order! Prices and a possible sample menu kinda thing will be up soon, but here are a few cheeky bakes I've made before to give you all an idea :)

Yule log with cashew cream (dairy free)

Gingerbread house! (eggs are from next door's garden chickens) (dairy free)

Chocolate loaf brownie cake (vegan)

(prettier picture coming soon) pumpkin pie! (vegan)

Chai cupcakes with vanilla and cardamon "buttercream" frosting (vegan)

Home grown apple cake (dairy free)
Ooey gooey banana, chocolate and almond cake! (vegan)

Buttery cinnabuns (dairy free)

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